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Child Mental Health & Mindfulness With Amanda Cottrell


By: Dr Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I had the chance of interviewing Amanda Cottrell.

About our Guest

Amanda began writing Children’s Books to enhance the written curriculum and the unwritten curriculum in elementary school. Through years of experience, she noticed that children need support in expressing themselves and in mindful ways.

A yoga and mindfulness enthusiast, she uses her knowledge of yoga and mindful practices to guide her stories and get kids up and moving while or to connect to themselves on a deeper level.

Teaching is not just about guiding the students but also about learning along with them. Amanda believes in lifelong learning and is continuously taking courses in different areas of interest.

Believe, Create, Inspire! She is a woman who wears many hats with a B.A in Political Science, B.Ed in elementary education, M.Ed specializing in creativity and technology, Reiki master, yoga for young children instructor, artist, mom, author, illustrator, and teacher. She also runs a small arts-based business teaching art workshops.


Key Takeaway

  • Understanding that everyone has their own unique creative capacities.


Connect With Pam

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