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Get Organized: Why Paper Planners are Better

Using daily planners offers a lot of benefits not only for professional purposes but for personal means too. Being organized is important for many reasons such as keeping tabs on your short and long-term goals and ensuring you accomplish them promptly.

Staying on top of your tasks is essential in this fast-paced world we’re living in. Planners encourage you to set realistic goals that you can complete in a reasonable timetable.

Because of this, there’s an ongoing trend on planners. Some people go for digital planners because smartphones are virtually a way of life these days. They find it more comfortable to use because of the convenient push notifications.

But the thing is, a smartphone can have a lot of apps that also give you push notifications. More often than not, you swipe them away so fast without even so much as taking a second look. And so, you missed an appointment or two. Furthermore, excessive screentime can affect your brain negatively.

This is why paper planners are a lot more convenient to use. Writing down your tasks and goals onto a paper has a lot of benefits such as keeping you more focused and motivated.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Paper Planners

Encourages you to prioritize

According to this study, writing down your goals onto a paper can help you accomplish them. Also, don’t just write them down plainly. The more descriptive and vividly you picture your goals, the more you’re likely to complete your tasks and goals.

No distractions

While organizing your tasks and goals using your smartphone is okay, it poses harmful impacts on your health such as increasing your risk of chronic illnesses, straining your eyes and body, and diminished cognitive skills.

Gives you time off the screen

As mentioned above, spending too much time using your phone has negative effects. Paper planners give you the chance to truly reflect and focus on your goals. Unlike digital planners, you might get distracted from other apps that can have you scrolling endlessly until you have no time in organizing and managing your tasks.

Cognitive benefits

Several studies have been made that writing by hand provides a lot of cognitive benefits. It helps you become more mindful and focused. Writing down on a paper increases your brain activity, allows you to create new ideas, and information retention improves as well.

Improves motivated

Writing down your goals and seeing them written on a paper will remind you that these tasks and goals are of utmost importance to you, and so you’re more motivated to work hard and accomplish them. Crossing off items every time you completed them gives you a blissful feeling.

Actionable Tips for Using a Paper Planner Efficiently

Designate planning session

This is the part where you’ll take time to sit down, reflect on your tasks and goals, write them down, and figure out how to manage your day or week. This part is crucial because this could dictate how your day or week could go. And so setting aside time to ponder and organize your tasks is essential. You can do it weekly or monthly, just make sure to stick to it and make it a habit.

Write down your tasks as specific as possible

When writing down your daily to-dos, make sure they’re concrete and use clear and vivid words. Don’t just write “Meeting with John”. Instead, write down “Important meeting with John. Must come early.”

Use a single planner for all of your tasks

Some people use multiple planners for specific aspects of their life. However, it’s a lot more convenient to put everything in one single planner. This way, you can see and manage them efficiently. For a more organized planner for every aspect of your life, try to be creative like color-coding the pages.

Bring your planner everywhere you go

Bringing your planner anywhere you go is highly recommended. Having it around all the time makes it easier for you to jot down new tasks the come in your way and avoid missing any important responsibility.

Figure out your style

What works for others may not necessarily work for you. This also applies to journaling and using planners. Some days your week or month may seem not as busy, while some days it’s jampacked. Both instances are fine. You can view your planner as an authentic reflection of your life.

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