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*Trigger Warning" Grief & Trauma After The Loss Of Her Entire Family With Kate Vrastak


By: Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Vrastak.


About our Guest

Kate Vrastak, is a Motivational Speaker, author of 2 International Best Selling books Ignite Possibilities and Ignite the Hunger in You, and Mental Health Advocate. For the past decade, Kate has been a Canadian mental health professional for the past decade.

She passes’ education in Social Services with certifications in Grief Therapy, Suicide Prevention, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ABA, Shamanism, and a Reiki Master. She is the CEO of Sacred Roots Coaching. She has been passionate about helping end suicide and mental health.

Her passion is to help illuminate trauma survivors to find their voice, become resilient and reach the power of forgiveness for themselves. She has developed and teaches effortless processes that allow individuals to forgive and fall in love with themselves. In addition, Kate has a wealth of knowledge and expertise working with children, youth, and adults alike, who have various degrees of disabilities, depression, anxiety, Autism, and PTSD.

Her gift is to help orphans and trauma survivors find their voice, overcome their fears and live their best life. She has been featured on Ticker New and Cogeco TV

Key Takeaways.

1. How important it is to reach forgiveness for yourself, not for those that hurt you.

2. Forgiving is NOT forgetting but simply setting your spirit to be free to be

love and compassionate for yourself and then open abundance in all areas.

3. What does it take to let go and allow forgiveness in?


Contact With Kate Vrastak

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