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Trauma & The Journey of Healing with Psychotherapist Jason Shiers


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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About Our Guest:

In this upcoming installment, we are honored to have a very special guest, Jason Shiers, a certified psychotherapist and transformative coach, whose life journey will leave you profoundly moved and enlightened.

Jason's path led him through harrowing experiences, from childhood trauma, including time spent in jails and psychiatric care. However, through resilience and the power of recovery, he emerged as a beacon of hope for others, dedicating his life to helping those in need.

In this episode, Jason Shiers opens our eyes to the flaws in the system that often pathologize normal human responses to tragic circumstances. His narrative reveals the immense potential of discovering one's true nature and following their inner wisdom, leading to a path of healing and transformation.

During the interview, Jason encourages us to explore the truth behind these struggles and sheds light on the damaging impact the system can have on young individuals facing challenges. He also shares what truly makes a difference in overcoming adversity and finding a way forward.

Join us for an eye-opening episode that will forever alter the way you perceive life's struggles.

Key Takeaways:

Through this engaging conversation, you will gain valuable insights and a quick win that will challenge your perceptions of life. Prepare to be inspired as Jason shares his unique perspective on addiction, emphasizing its intelligence rather than being viewed solely as pathologized behavior.




Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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