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Who is Dr. Tomi Mitchell?

I’m Dr. Tomi Mitchell, a Board-Certified Family Physician and Wellness & Performance Coach. I’m an experienced,  personable clinician with over ten years of experience providing client-focused, community-based, and hospital care. I’m also a parent and an entrepreneur who understands the competing demands of family and work. From personal experience and collective work experience, I see how many life problems are rooted in mental wellness and our mindset. I'm passionate about fitness and recognize our mental health is essential.  

I consider myself a high-performing individual, and I have many goals. People are often amazed at how I accomplish my goals in a short amount of time. Leaving a legacy, so my children inherit a better world than I did, requires me to be productive and have clarity in my life. 

I use my proprietary 3 step framework to help my clients achieve their goals, overcome overwhelm and burnout, and get out of the rut. I empower them with tools to be more productive in their personal and professional life without burning out.


How? Because I apply proven science-backed strategies with a personal approach that I practice in my own life and in my clients. 

My practice is based on family medicine principles.

I use four fundamental principles of family medicine to guide my holistic wellness practice:

  • The family physician is a skilled clinician.

  • Family medicine is a community-based discipline.

  • The family physician is a resource to a defined practice population.

  • The patient-physician relationship is central to the role of the family physician.



My story.

The Making of Tomi Mitchell

My story is about resiliency, strength and victory. My story resonates with the “underdog.” I was the everyday woman who didn’t have connections, who didn’t have a tribe or like-minded people cheering me on. I was an outlier.


In my story, there was despair, sadness, trauma and rejection, which ultimately gave way to the dream that one day things would be better. My story is about choosing love over hate, about choosing patience over impatience, about seeking the truth through all the lies.


My story is meant to inspire, encourage and push forward those who relate to my experience. For those who live a much easier life, my story is meant to encourage you to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes before you judge them, to understand that to whom much has been given, much is expected.


Over 20 years ago, I started with a mission—I wanted to be a doctor so I could help people. It sounds cliche, but this was the truth. I gave my everything, but I made the mistake of not leaving any reserve for myself. When life hit and health challenges hit, I didn’t have the capacity to deal with everything. Months after a near death experience with myself and my second daughter, I hit rock bottom. I was tired, frustrated and felt misunderstood. I looked at my girls and knew that if I’m not okay, I can’t be the mother I desire to be for them. I stepped back and paused. I had to take a break from my medical practice to work on me. For the first time in my adult life, I prioritized my mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and environmental well-being. I dedicated my life to my wellness in a holistic way. 


I came into 2021 a stronger, more vibrant woman. I embraced my calling —to help people live their best life and then to be a blessing to their community and through their community to affect the world. 


My anchors are my children and my love for them. I want them to live in a better world, filtered through, hope, truth, health and love.


If you want to work with an individual who truly practices what she preaches, who is educated, caring and methodical, I am your best choice.

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My practice is guided
by my values.

Client-focused. I believe my clients are the agents of their own change. I use my knowledge, training and experience to provide a clear path forward so you can achieve the life you envision.

Authentic. I understand life’s challenges because I’ve lived through many of my own. I’m down-to-earth, easy to talk to, open without being judgmental.

Compassionate. I care about people. That’s why I became a doctor. Compassion compels me to apply my knowledge to help you find purpose and balance in your life.

Honest. I’m honest with my clients. I won’t hedge or sugar coat issues—but I never use honesty as a blunt instrument. I speak purposefully but respectfully. My goal is always to encourage, support and inspire. You feel safe with me.

Intuitive. Being empathetic and a good listener are defining features of my personality. They form the basis of my intuitive, solution-based approach to client wellness.

Knowledgeable. As a physician, holistic wellness strategist, entrepreneur, wife and mother, my education never stops. I use my knowledge of medicine, holistic wellness and business to help people live their best lives.



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The need for holistic wellness

in a stress-filled world.

Holistic wellness is caring for a person’s whole being—not just physical wellness, but also emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, financial, occupational and spiritual. Together, these elements create a wellness wheel. When one part of the wheel isn’t right, it affects every other part. As both a family physician and a certified holistic wellness coach, I provide a “whole person” approach to wellness.

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"I have so much respect for Dr. Tomi Mitchell and her quest for continuous improvement. She is willing to ask herself difficult questions and take actions in areas of her own life where she wants to improve and as a result, it positions her to pursue those questions with others. My wife and I have trusted her medical guidance for many years. Dr. Mitchell has marvellous insights for those who are willing to engage."

- James Bobst

“My family and I are all patients of
Dr. Mitchell and can not say enough about this amazing doctor. She has gone above and beyond for my family and our complex health concerns. Dr. Mitchell is eager to think outside the box, is willing to put in the work to get to the bottom of your issues and will fight along side with you. She treats you as a whole person and not just your ailment.  She is kind, compassionate, down to earth, has a positive attitude, a great sense of humour and is forward thinking in all she does."

- Trish

“Working with Dr. Mitchell for the past 2.5 months has made a profound difference in my mental health and well-being. Her down to earth approach makes me feel understood. Our conversations and your insights are invaluable. As a mother and a leader herself, Dr. Mitchell is extremely relatable. I feel as if I am rebuilding my life like lego -- one layer at a time, each step is a progression. Therapy with you has helped me rediscover hope.”

- Anonymous

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