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Dr. Tomi Mitchell,
A Wellness Coach

A wellness coach is a professional who helps people live healthier lives.

A wellness coach is a professional who helps people live healthier lives. Wellness coaches work with clients to help them set and reach health-related goals. This may include working on diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, and other lifestyle factors. A wellness coach is not necessarily a  medical doctor or therapist, but they may work with other health professionals to create a well-rounded care plan for their clients. In addition to helping people improve their health, wellness coaches also teach clients how to sustain healthy habits over time. This includes developing positive coping mechanisms, building self-efficacy, and making sustainable lifestyle changes in the long term. Wellness coaching is a growing field, and there is evidence that it can be an effective tool for improving health.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell Holistic Wellness Strategies is owned and operated by a Board Certified Family Physician who is also certified as a coach. Dr. Tomi Mitchell leverages over a decade of experience in private practice, helping patients with wholistic strategies to approach their health concerns. She also prided herself on taking a preventative stance on health, as she recognizes that so many challenges we face are preventable and very manageable.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell is a coach, speaker, and writer passionate about helping people live their best lives. For over a decade, she worked in the healthcare system, where she saw firsthand how reactive instead of proactive care could be. This experience led her to shift her focus to wellness coaching. She helps individuals learn how to take charge of their health and make lasting changes through her work. In addition to one-on-one coaching, she offers group workshops and speaks at conferences on various topics related to healthcare and wellness. Dr. Mitchell's goal is to empower people to live their best lives and create a healthcare system that is more proactive instead of reactive.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell is known for helping individuals create strategies to live a more optimum life. By incorporating health strategies, individuals can reduce burnout and improve personal and professional relationships. Dr. Mitchell's experience shows that when people feel supported in their relationships and have a sense of control over their lives, they tend to be more productive, experience less stress and anxiety, and feel more satisfied. In addition, her work suggests that optimum health is about physical health and emotional and social well-being. By teaching people how to incorporate healthy habits into their lives, Dr. Mitchell is helping them to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

As a business leader, you have the opportunity to create a work environment that promotes both mental and physical wellbeing. Dr. Tomi Mitchell specializes in helping businesses create wholistic, inclusive workplaces. She encourages leaders to lead by example and provide employees with psychological safety. In addition, she loves to talk about burnout prevention strategies. By creating a workplace that supports employee well-being, you can help improve productivity and employee satisfaction. In turn, this can help to improve your bottom line. Contact Dr. Mitchell today to learn more about how you can create a wholistic, inclusive workplace.


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