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Breast Cancers Survivors Jennifer Smrz Discusses Health & Wellness


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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Dr. Tomi Mitchell, your host of The Mental Health & Wellness Show, had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Smrz.


About Our Guest:

Jennifer Smrz is a compassionate coach that genuinely cares about each individual & helping them live their best & healthiest life. Whether motivating participants in the gym to reach their fitness goals, assisting employees in finding new employment or educating individuals of the harmful chemicals/toxins in many products & sharing safer, all-natural options.

The common factor is building relationships that encourage successful results. Most importantly, I am married to my best friend & have 2 incredible sons! After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 43 followed by 4 surgeries & 18 months of treatment, coupled with dealing with anxiety/depression, I am passionate about helping others by sharing coping strategies & helping them take control of their lives.




Contact Jennifer:

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