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Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur: Embracing Your Unique Journey to Success With Kelly Van


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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Step into a world where business success thrives without the burden of hustle and grind, as we welcome a remarkable guest, Kelly VanHoveln. Kelly, a HSP, has decoded the path to business triumph without sacrificing well-being, particularly for highly-sensitive and neurodiverse women.

Join us as we unravel Kelly's unique journey, where she passionately guides HSPs to streamline their marketing, sales, and business strategies, freeing them from overthinking and enabling them to take inspired action.

Kelly's innovative two-pronged marketing method for online entrepreneurs introduces a revolutionary blend of social media conversion and sustainable SEO growth. This powerful approach establishes a strong foundation for businesses to grow beyond six figures, all while defying the need to chase fleeting trends. With 15 years of digital marketing, social media, and entrepreneurial expertise, Kelly proves that authenticity and strategy outshine fleeting tactics.

Kelly's philosophy centers on the idea that HSPs thrive when their businesses are structured to nurture rest, recharge, and personal passions. As a wife and mother, her insights extend to the realm of personal fulfillment, not just professional achievement.

Key TakeAways:

In this conversation, you'll uncover a quick win that could reshape your approach to business. Discover why conventional hustle-centric practices don't resonate with HSPs and neurodiverse individuals. Kelly offers invaluable insights into how these unique entrepreneurs can rewrite their business playbook for lasting success.




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