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Burnout: Discussion With A Nurse & Burnout Educator


By: Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I, your host, Dr. Tomi Mitchell, had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Kara Acheson


About our Guest

Kara is a burnout educator and she offers practical ways to recover from burnout so you can find how to feel good. She knows what it’s like to experience burnout firsthand, as she has unfortunately experienced burnout, twice. She describes it as a subtle feeling at first.

She has worked in health care for over a decade. And have her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Her area of passion and expertise is in health promotion and prevention. This means she looks for ways to improve health and wellness while preventing people from getting sick. She shares her experiences with you and how she's recovering from burnout and preventing it from happening again in hopes that stress won't take over your life as it did her.

During this episode, You will know that you are not alone in your experience with burnout. You are not a failure for having experienced burnout and that there are ways to recover from it and prevent it from happening again. Stress doesn't have to take over your life.



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