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Empowering Women In Midlife To Live Their Best Life Naturally With Vanessa Nixon


By: Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I, your host, Dr. Tomi Mitchell, had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Vanessa Nixon


About our Guest

Vanessa Nixon is the founder and CEO of Herbs of Grace, Inc., a handcrafted, natural cosmetics company, as well as Herbs of Grace Healing Arts, a natural health consulting business.

She is a certified aromatherapist and is one of the course instructors for the Certified Aromatherapy Course at The Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing. She also provides consulting and tutoring services for students of the Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing.

She helps empower women in mid-life with natural tools and techniques, to thrive naturally, so they can step into this powerful phase of their lives feeling focused, clear, healthy

, and vibrant, and live the lives they’re meant to lead!




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