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Holistic Health Awareness With UK's Leading Holistic Health Advisor Janice Naiken


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Janice Naiken.


About Our Guest:

Janice is the UK’s Leading Holistic Health Advisor. Her success in learning this art to heal herself has led her to work internationally with doctors, women leaders, and high-flying entrepreneurs who are now willing to invest in listening to their bodies. Though she is not a doctor, some have come to her on return from top medical centres in San Diego, Germany, and Mexico. She has also advised MD’s in the UK.

Her philosophy is based on getting to the root causes of illness and reversing them through holistic alignment and detoxification.

She has worked successfully with the following conditions:







Digestive issues


Female health issues

High blood pressure





Weight gain

Weight loss

For “new” or “rare” illnesses, her expertise in natural health principles will often resolve them once she has researched the nature of the issue.

So, why wait for your condition to escalate, however common or rare?

Join the long list of her clients who listened to their bodies and took action.

Key Takeaways:

Finding the actual causes of mental ill-health holds the key to achieving mental wellness - the solution should always be a holistic one

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