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Loss Of Six Day Old Baby: A Christian Perspective Of Grief With Tricia Ross


By: Dr Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tricia Ross.


About our Guest

Tricia is a wife and mother who built her career coaching young athletes. Multiple state volleyball championships pale, however, next to what she gained through tragedy. Against the advice of medical experts, Tricia completed her pregnancy with a child diagnosed with a fatal chromosome condition. That season her team won, the child in her grew, and eventually Tricia held and loved the daughter no one expected to live. Then in six searing days, Tricia and her family rewrote the medical chapter on Trisomy 18, living out a story that galvanized the large high school she worked in, the media in her city . . . and inspires her audiences and readers today.

Key Takeaways

  • We all have to learn to adapt when our wishes change.

  • Life never ends up how you expect it to and that's ok.

  • We have to look as hard times as an opportunity to something bigger.


Connect With Tricia

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