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The Difference Between A High Performer and Someone Who Is Not

You may look around you and wonder why people around you appear to be more successful than you are. There will always appear to be an imbalance between those who are successful and those who are not. In fact, you can be very successful once you learn the secrets that successful people have learned. Their success isn't something that was left to chance. It's come about because of a series of things that successful people and high performers do that you don't. All you need to do to catch up is learn what those secrets are and apply them to your life.

Habits of High Performers

Ready to change your life? Without further ado, here are the ten powerful habits that will bring about that change.

1. Have a crystal-clear vision and keep it alive.

Vision brings purpose and meaning into your life. This is why all high performers are great visionaries. Some dream big, and others have modest dreams, but their clear vision is always their primary motivator.

Vision gives direction to your life and motivates you to rally your efforts and energies toward that final goal or destination. Having a clear vision keeps you fired up, optimistic, and determined to overcome any obstacle between you and your dream.

Amazingly, this passion and drive extend to all you do, even if it's unrelated to your vision. In other words, by clearly defining your vision and keeping it top of mind, you're sowing the first seeds of high achievement!

2. Become a problem-solver and troubleshooter.

If you want to see a super achiever in action, tell them something can't be done. That's all they need to hear to jump in with both feet and find a way to get it done!

High performers thrive on challenges, and problem-solving is high on their list. They also view it (very wisely) as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Most of us don't welcome problems with open arms or actively seek them out. How often have you heaved a sigh of relief when somebody else was tasked with tackling a wrench in the plumbing? When you become a high performer, you'll not only volunteer but feel insulted if you’re turned down!

3. Accept full responsibility for your actions.

Superachievers are notable for their strong personal discipline. This includes their willingness to take full responsibility for their actions. Taking responsibility means holding yourself accountable for the outcomes you initiate, both the good and the bad.

You take full credit for your success and rely on yourself to achieve it. Likewise, you take responsibility for your mistakes and rely only on yourself to resolve them.

4. Reconcile with your past.

Ruminating about past mistakes, failures, and negative experiences is one of the key obstacles to achieving greatness. For some people, it's a key obstacle to any real success or advancement.

Dwelling on the past is when you regularly revisit negative situations and experiences that happened in your life. You run these scenarios in your head, fueling emotions of guilt, shame, bitterness, and resentment. These emotions sap self-worth, optimism, and motivation like nothing else.

As you can guess, a high performer never looks back but always forward. They're reconciled with themselves and with their past. That's what you need to do as well.

5. Stay alert for opportunities.

Your career or life situation may be perfectly aligned with your vision. You're happy in your job or marriage or perfectly satisfied with your present circumstances. You want to work with what you have to shine and bring out the high achiever in you.

On the other hand, you may not be satisfied with where you are now because you feel stifled and realize that you'll never soar to greatness in your present situation.

In both cases, you need to stay alert for opportunities. In the first scenario, your search will be for opportunities that supercharge your success and achievement even more. One must seek opportunities to change your status quo and align yourself with your purpose.

6. Develop invincible persistence

As a high performer, you must adopt the mantra 'failure is not an option. This mindset breeds remarkable persistence. That's why high performers are able to bounce back from setbacks stronger than ever quickly. That's also why they never give up.

This quality is commonly known as 'grit’, a powerful combination of mental toughness, perseverance, resilience, and patience. Naturally, every high performer possesses the quality of grit.

7.Be a pro at decision-making.

High performers never suffer from decision fatigue. This is one of the big gains you can expect when you become a high performer. Decision fatigue means the perpetual inability to make timely and purposeful decisions. It's one of the most frustrating and stressful challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. It’s also a tremendous productivity and achievement killer.

High performers are pros at timely and effective decision-making. It's one of the core factors that enable them to keep the ball rolling, seize opportunities, outpace the competition, and skyrocket from one success to another.

8. Don't shy away from taking risks.

The fear of taking risks is possibly the main reason that prevents people from becoming high performers. High performers don't exactly welcome risk with open arms, nor do they take hasty action despite their adventurous spirit. They understand that there's a risk factor in virtually anything and refuse to let that hold them back. They also understand that big achievements sometimes require taking big risks. You can also empower yourself to be mentally prepared to take risks and overcome your fear.

9. Prioritize priorities

We all have priorities that we either tackle with daily to-do lists or weekly or monthly schedules. The problem is that once we set those priorities, we think they're carved in stone. High performers are keen on getting their priorities straight. The difference is that they're prepared for unexpected changes that could either change the order of priorities or require new ones altogether. Sometimes, the lowest priority on the list may become the highest.

10. Stay super healthy

The mindset of high performers makes them naturally health conscious. They maintain their physical health by eating a nutritious diet and regularly exercising. They make sure they get enough sleep and diligently de-stress. They also believe in the importance of strong mental health through relaxation and entertainment.

Excellent physical and mental health is essential for maintaining clarity, focus, and high energy levels and boosting all the other qualities of high achievement.

After going through all these habits, one thing that is quite clear about success is that it's not family heritage or something that entirely depends upon a person's good luck. It is something that can be achieved if we adopt the right habits. So, start implementing these high-performer’s habits from today and take the first step towards a successful life. I hope by following all these habits, you will be able to achieve great success in your life.

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