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Why Are You Sick, Fat And Tired With Dr. Patricia Boulogne


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Patricia Boulogne.


About Our Guest:

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, DC, CCSP, AP, CFMP is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach, Chiropractor, Speaker, and Author. She has helped thousands over the last 35+ years stop adapting their lifestyle to pain, and chronic problems by focusing on the whole person.

Dr. Boulogne is the founder and principal of AskDrPat~HealthTeamNetwork, a company dedicated to skyrocketing your health, lifestyle, and mindset with strategies and programs that make sense, and help you age gracefully, think, move, and feel better, and live longer and happier!


Mindset Mastery and superior wellness initiatives




Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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