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Living A Life Of No Regrets & Living Your Purpose With Anne Deakter


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anne Deakter.


About Our Guest:

After a series of traumatic, life altering wake-up calls, where Anne Shoshana lost her father, marriage and career, in one fell swoop, she had to quickly reevaluate her life and come up with solutions.

She had done the wife thing, career thing and mom thing and she still felt empty inside. Living with that bleak, hollow space inside was no longer sustainable. Always a seeker, she went back to school and studied Educational Leadership and multiple spiritual disciplines- of which Kabbalah resonated the most, as it had the answers to life’s deepest question; What is my purpose? Why am I here?

For the past 27 years she has been speaking and sharing her signature coaching program - The Greater Than Purpose Project - to empower visionary, spirit-led, heart-centered and norm-busting leaders to grow from good to better, making impact and income, leaving a legacy, doing what they love, in a world gone crazy- so they can lead a NO REGRETS Life (which btw, is humanity’s destiny).

For more of her practical and proven step by step systems, check out her new book, You aren’t here to be good, you are here to be better; how to reclaim hope, purpose, and fulfillment in a world gone crazy (available on Amazon).




Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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