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Recover, Recover and Heal From The Inside Out After Divorce With Donna McGoff


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Donna Mcoff.


About Our Guest:

Donna McGoff is a Transition Coach whose passion is to help women move out of being "stuck" or "in pain" after divorce by working through a five-step results-driven process she designed. This process helps women to embrace a new beginning rebuilding a new life on their own terms. She created her online course, "Recover, Reconnect, Reinvent – The Ultimate Result-Driven Process To Rebuilding Your New Life After Divorce," so that she could reach and serve more women who, like herself, struggled to move forward after divorce. Her e-book, Recover and Heal From The Inside Out After Divorce, will inspire and motivate you to step into your power and move forward. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development, Counseling, and Family Studies. Donna is a former educator and counselor, inventor of board games for counselors and therapists to supplement their work with children, studies the mind, loves to write, avid tennis player.

Key Takeaways Donna has created the PLAN, Recover, Reconnect, Reinvent--the ultimate results-driven process of rebuilding a new life after divorce. The e-book describes the PLAN. It sells on Amazon. My FREE gift to listeners would be a download of that e-book (41 pages). It describes each of the steps--one building on the next. It includes examples of women just like us who used it and how they overcome their challenges and limiting beliefs. It's called Recover and Heal From The Inside Out after divorce. Here is the link: Donna McGoff, Life Transition Coach

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