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Transforming Trauma into Healing with Melissa Hiemann

Updated: Apr 15

Transforming Trauma into Healing with Melissa Hiemann

By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this riveting episode of the Mental Health and Wellness Show, I am joined by the remarkable Melissa Heimann, co-founder of the Center for Healing and author of "The Natural High", Melissa shares her deeply personal journey of triumph over adversity, stemming from a tumultuous childhood marked by divorce, domestic violence, and the pervasive absence of emotional support. Fueled by her own struggles with addiction and mental health, Melissa and her partner established an innovative outpatient clinic that pioneers alternative solutions rooted in trauma-focused methodologies.

We delve into the transformative power of Root Cause Therapy, a revolutionary approach championed by Melissa, which navigates the intricate connection between past traumas, present struggles, and future aspirations. She unveils the significance of somatic healing, inner child work, and kinesiology in unraveling the layers of unresolved trauma. Melissa's insights challenge conventional methods, emphasizing the importance of embracing all emotions and rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach to healing. As we explore the intricacies of trauma, Melissa demonstrates how healing can be a lifelong journey, guiding individuals to rediscover their potential, reshape relationships, and reclaim the joy of living fully in the present moment.

Key Takeaways:

Generational Trauma Awareness: we will delve into the importance of recognizing generational trauma and offers insights on the healing process (through the speaker's personal experience)

Reclaiming Childhood: a reminder that it's never too late to reclaim a meaningful childhood

Free Trauma-Informed Courses: introduces practical steps to access valuable, free courses from an online training center.




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