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Administrative Professionals’ Week: Days To Express Your Gratitude

In a hospital, the spotlight is usually on the medical team. In a business, the focus is on the product, the manager, or the CEO.

But guess what, there are indispensable people who are key to keep things running smoothly! Say hello to our administrative professionals!

In the US alone, there are an estimated 22 million administrative professionals, and 42% of these administrative professionals are noted to be working with their company for more than 6 years. Loyalty is perhaps one of the common traits found in these professionals, and the numbers show!

Administrative Professionals Day was initially launched way back 1954, with its celebrations on June 4th. These days, the Administrative Professionals Week is celebrated on the last full week of April, with Wednesday as the Administrative Professionals Day.

In celebration of this day, institutions and companies acknowledge the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. These professionals undoubtedly keep offices organized and efficient.

Despite the drastic changes due to the pandemic, the role of administrative professionals become more important than ever. There is a higher degree of challenge with regards to remote or hybrid work arrangements.

But these administrative professionals help keep the ball rolling. They have diverse roles, and these are often the people who go above and beyond their job descriptions.

If you are an employer, an officer or manager, have you honored your administrative professionals today or any time this week? Here are some tips to show your appreciation:

  • A word of thanks.

Your “thank you” goes a long way! Aside from that, you can set up a short program celebrating their achievements. Let them know verbally how much you are grateful for all their contributions.

  • Rest and relaxation.

Your administrative professionals are the people who tend to give more than what is expected of them. Some of them unknowingly don’t know how to spend some time off! You can start by giving them flexibility or giving them a gift card to treat themselves to something they love, like a massage or a holiday trip.

  • New opportunities for growth.

Let your administrative staff know you are concerned about their future and that you are particularly invested in it. Offer them challenges and opportunities, and you can also offer them participation in mentorship programs. This way, your staff gets the idea that you are confident in their skills and abilities.

  • Continuing professional development.

For instance, you can sponsor your staff’s enrollment in online courses. Administrative professionals are eager to learn new things and it is essential not just for them but for your institution as well. Your staff are entitled to the trainings that are necessary for them to thrive. For example, they have to stay abreast with the dynamics of technology and the best practices in their specific field. Always remember, if your team grows, your company gets to grow all the more. Learn to value your team’s efforts and give them enough opportunities to develop and flourish.

Any gesture of appreciation would be very much appreciated by hardworking employees. So make sure your staff knows how much you are thankful for their presence, even in just your own little way!

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