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April Fools Day!

It's that time of year again, and I'm sure you're wondering why we are talking about April Fool's Day. Well, the history goes back to 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII decreed a new calendar for Europe in an effort to simplify it. For those who were using the Julian Calendar, this meant changing their day from October 4th to October 15th. The people who had been using the older calendar were not pleased with this and thought of it as a trick or joke played on them by someone else. They called it "All-Fools' Day" or "April Fools' Day" because they felt like fools for having fallen for such a simple deception.

Today, some people love the day, but for others, personally, its more of an annoyance. I actually don't mind the day, as long as the prank is done tastefully. In my adulthood, I typically forget the day, until after April Fools, but this year , I'm on top of it.

As a child, in school, I remember, we would put a whoopee cushion on our teachers chair. We thought we were so funny , but really, we did this every year, so the unsuspecting teachers eventually caught on. If I'm going to prank someone , I have a hard time lying to them. My mischievous face would typically give me away. However, this year, its only my eyes that will give me away, as my mouth is fortunately covered with a mask.

What are your best April Fools memories? Feel free to comment below.

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