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All of us have hopes and ambitions in life. We tend to think about the kind of car we would like to drive, the job we would like, or the house we would like to live in. Each of us has loose-knit goals that we have incomprehensibly shaped in our heads.

But we are not happy.

Every morning, we wake up hoping and wishing for things that we think are impossible. We tend not to have enough sense of purpose that does not push us beyond our current restrictions nor helps us tear down the walls to achievement.

We are left struggling without a purpose; we’re like a fish that got out of the water splashing, trying to survive. But how can you live a life full of meaning? How can others wake up every morning all energized about life? How can they have a perpetual purpose that helps them bring them up during the rough times?

Living a purpose-driven life is not a new idea, but it is essential and ground-breaking all at once. Once you start to live a life driven by a solid and eternal purpose, things undertake a new meaning.

So, how can you do this?

First of all, you have to know that anyone, no matter what walk of life they are in, can have a purpose-driven life. This purpose drive life is not made by only setting some incomprehensible goals in our head. Rather, it is by essentially piercing down into our beliefs and core values, then setting a realistic goal that corresponds to those beliefs and values. If you have never taken the time to determine your ideas and principles, the best time to do it is RIGHT NOW.

If you had set goals before that were not allied with your beliefs and core values, you might have gotten exasperated and lost hope. When the things you want and what you believe a fight with each other, we get the feeling of anxiety and burnout.

Whether you know it or not, everything that has happened in your life has a purpose, for your ideal. Discovering your goal is finding meaning in your life. When you can find meaning through your life experiences, you evolve. You will experience challenges. But, you will also have moments in your life that energize you. It’s those moments you must hold on to as they will help guide you, leading you to your purpose.

Devote yourself and your time to creating and adding value. That’s how you live a life full of purpose. Self-improvement is necessary to live out your purpose. Life is your most incredible journey, filled with challenges and essential lessons to learn.

But, the best part of life is the experiences we get to enjoy. While the bird’s nest is comfortable and safe, that’s not where birds are meant to be. They are meant to soar high above the sky for all of us to see. Just like you! You are meant to fly, to achieve greatness. You will be tested. You will be pushed. You are meant to grow through everything you go through. That is what is necessary to help you discover your purpose.

You can find your purpose by doing the things you love. You can find your goal by sharing your best qualities with the world. You can find your plan by embodying purpose-driven statements. For example, saying, “My life has a great purpose” and making it a part of your inner dialogue. Also, having a deep-rooted sense of purpose gives one a sense of accomplishment, and with that comes happiness.

Finding your true purpose doesn’t have to be hard; it requires that you be authentic. That is the reason many people never find their true purpose. If you are made to think like everyone else, you can't find your purpose.

Give yourself the opportunity to be your authentic self. Don't become someone who conforms to what society says that you should be. Society’s perception of you and your life directly reflects culture itself. You choose how to react to the norms and the constructs that the organization has set in place. Your actions determine the level of self-awareness that you will have.

Every one of us has some form of an inner gift. To discover that, you need to develop self-knowledge and self-awareness. You need to give truthful answers to the question: “Who am I?”

The core of your inner being.

If you want to embrace the possibility of what you might be, focus on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses further, instead of over-focusing on your shortcomings and forgetting your inner gifts.

When you can cultivate a grander sense of who you are and what your existence on Earth entails, you can live your life more richly, fruitfully, and meaningfully. You see life in a different light and with wisdom.

This is the nature of how the universe works.

You cannot find your purpose without self-awareness. This was something that I struggled with. I allowed society to determine what version of me I should be. I let society tell me how I should live my life. I allowed friends and family to place their own perceptions onto me, making their reality mine.

This caused a very distorted and troubling viewpoint within my reality. It wasn’t until I decided that I wouldn’t let any outside influences that didn’t serve me determine who I should be. When I became honest with myself, I discovered more about myself. I felt like I was finding a part of myself that I had dreamed of before when I was much younger, but it lay dormant as I was on another path.

When I realized what I was passionate about, I began walking into my purpose. At first, the thought of this was nerve-wracking. As a primary care physician, I felt guilty and very responsible as I was preparing to walk away from over a decade of clinical practice. I believe that you are very capable of doing the same thing. With everything that has been covered throughout this article, it has been to help you. I want you to find your “why” and discover the real you. The happy you. The you that you want to be. The best possible version of you!

You have to be patient with yourself as you have to allow the changes in your life to happen. They will help you discover your true purpose. You are meant to discover the answers to solve your life’s greatest puzzles.

Your best days in life will come from deciding that your life is your own to create. When you are authentic, your purpose will reveal itself to you. At this moment, you will begin to manifest the life you truly desire. Your goal is yours and yours only to fulfill. It’s up to you to determine the quality of life you are meant to live. Life is your greatest gift. The day you realize this, it will be the beginning of living a life full of purpose.

When you build a life around your passions, you can take those passions and turn them into purpose. You have to learn your inner truths and not be afraid to make the changes to help you walk into your goal. Continuing to live a life that has no purpose is to continue a life without living.

Life was meant to be lived through experiences. These experiences help you find deeper meaning in yourself and the world around you. You have a purpose in this life. You just have to let go of the old you to create the new you. You can’t spend your time focusing or worrying about the things you cannot change. Instead, you should take the lessons you have learned thus far to live a purpose-driven life.

You cannot allow the uncertainties of life to cause you to be fearful of your future. This fear does nothing but hold you back from discovering your purpose. You must begin to embrace your true self. With the new confidence, you will be full of life and pursuit and have the willpower to transform your life.

You must not focus on the things you feel like you lack. Instead, you must focus on the qualities you have to help you find your life’s true purpose. From this day forward, envision yourself with a life that is full of meaning. The greatest gift you have to give to the world is discovering your life’s true purpose. After all, it starts with you!

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