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Breaking Barriers: Navigating Masculinity, Mental Health, and DEI with Dan Faill


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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Dive into a thought-provoking and transformative episode as we introduce you to a remarkable guest, Dan Faill.


With 15 years of experience working on college campuses, Dan combines his rich tapestry of life experiences with research-backed insights. The result? Engaging and relatable experiences that encourage us all to embrace our true selves and courageously tackle the conversations that truly matter.

In this enlightening episode, we explore the role of vulnerability in addressing mental health, examining its significance in breaking down barriers. Discover how men can connect authentically to confront mental health challenges, and explore the need to reframe how we approach mental health discussions with men.

Key Take Aways:

The modern man is more vulnerable, that's what makes him super. (from my keynote: Redefining Superman)




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