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Changing Habits & Behaviors While Making Healthier Choices With Layne Stowell


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Layne Stowell.


About Our Guest:

Layne Stowell is a health coach and enthusiast for making healthy living feel simple.

Layne is the founder of Elevated Health Coaching where she helps busy professionals lose that stubborn weight, double their energy, and hit their health goals no matter how chaotic

their schedule is.

She uses a two-tier approach that focuses on retraining the brain to make the healthy choice feel like a simple choice. Offering specific food frameworks and simple implementation tools, that fit any lifestyle, to create new habits and behaviors without the strain of dieting or deprivation.

When Layne is not nerding out over these topics you can find her playing with her 2 small children, riding horses, or enjoying her favorite glass of wine with her husband.




Contact Layne:

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