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Distractions Are One Of The Biggest Things Between You And Your Success

Distractions can be the thing standing between you and reaching your goals. So many people go through their day without being intentional with the use of their time. How many of us are guilty of aimlessly scrolling for hours through social media or glued in front of the tv? Imagine if one had been intentional with their time, recognizing it's one of their most prized resources.

So, what are the distractions that we need to be mindful of? People, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), television, the Internet (YouTube), games, phones, and meeting and appointments, to name a few. What else is a distraction? A distraction can be anything that takes away from your ability to focus on activities that you need to do to reach your goals.

Procrastination is another form of distraction. We all have experienced this throughout our time as students or avoid doing something we don't want to do. If you're experiencing this right now, remember: "the best time to start was yesterday." Now, if you want more help on procrastination, an accountability partner might be beneficial.

Another major distraction that can stand in your way is needless to worry and anxiety. The distraction can result from you worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet. Or perhaps something that already occurred, but now you're just obsessing over it because you think it's going to make things worse for you if you don't do anything about it (even though there isn't anything to be done about it).

We also must not do the things that destroy our momentum. We want to do something that does not sabotage our momentum--like coming complacency, grandiosity, and indulgences, to name a few. Maintaining momentum requires being persistent about your goals and knowing the consequences of not achieving your goals. Acceleration requires putting on the blinders and avoiding distraction. If you're trying to achieve something great in your life, you will inevitably come upon distractions that prevent you from moving forward towards your goal. Distractions are anything that takes us away from our goals, whether it be technology or simply not being hungry to reach our goals.

All in all, we all have the potential to do amazing things in life and reach our goals, but it's distractions that sometimes get in the way. So we must clear away these obstacles to bring about success for ourselves. So I encourage you to take control of your life.

Do not let the distractions stand between you and your goals. Goals are meant to drive us to be better; they motivate us to be who we want to be instead of focusing on others' opinions or what others want us to do with our lives. Goals allow us all to grow as people, so stop setting yourself back by letting distractions slow you down! You've worked long and hard for your success, don't let it slip away.

Sometimes it's easy to think about ourselves. Still, when you're trying to achieve something extraordinary in your life, you will inevitably come upon obstacles. You can either let the obstacles continuously overpower you, or you can be persistent and learn how to navigate around these challenges. So, my question to ask you is, what is truly stopping you from reaching your goals? Move the distractions, and you will see your success.

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