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Dream Big: Conversations About Money With Coach & Former Accountant Angela Wilson


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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About Our Guest:

In this episode we sit down with Angela Wilson, the remarkable founder of Angela Unlimited. Angela is on a mission to empower women worldwide by helping them break free from imposed mindsets that limit their lives. Her journey began with a transformative conversation about money, where she realized that living by her own story was the key to unlocking endless possibilities and standing strong in life.

As a mentor and guide, Angela shares her personal experiences and insights, inspiring women to embrace their true selves and live a life of unlimited joy. She emphasizes the importance of women supporting each other along the way, providing the guidance and encouragement that she wishes she had received earlier in her own journey.

During the interview, we explore Angela's inspiring story and dive deep into her motivations and experiences. Discover the pivotal moment when she realized she was not living the life she deserved, and how she turned it around. We also delve into her most vivid memory of reconnecting with her authentic self and how it shaped her path to empowerment. Key Takeaway:

"I want, to be that person that I could have used along the way. That mentor, which would have helped me to understand that being ME is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s better than that. I want to share that women can live a life of unlimited joy, but we need each other along the way. I want to be there for them."




Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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