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Faith & Mental Health: A Christian Perspective with Kemir Baker


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kemir Baker.


About Our Guest:

Kemir Baker is the CEO/Founder of J-Intelligence Networks ( and the recipient of Masters of Theological Studies from Regent University, 2016. She empowers women in their emotional wellness and intimacy with God to live abundantly. She endured a traumatic childhood, which placed her on her healing journey. Due to her life experiences, she understands the importance of having a great support team and tools to heal. Therefore, she founded the nonprofit organization, J-Intelligence Networks. Our mission is to use faith-based and therapeutic tools to empower women in their emotional health and wellness. These tools educate,

connect, and transform into the abundant life that God provides.

You can learn more about Kemir and her life experiences by listening to A Healing Peace podcast (, where she moderates and invites licensed therapists, social workers, life coaches, and those who overcome life’s hurdles to join the show.

Key Take Aways:

Unfortunately, our life experiences can decrease our value, worth, and confidence in our identity. When this occurs, we stop living the purpose-filled life that God designed for us. By investing in our mental health and emotional wellness, we begin to release the hurt and pain. We also live in the moment with confidence while staying true to ourselves. We own our values, beliefs, and identity. We embrace God’s

unconditional love while loving ourselves with tenderness and care. We resolutely thrive when we participate in a deliberate activity for mental, emotional, and spiritual health.




Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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