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From Burnout to Resilience: Dr. Tomi Mitchell’s Healing Journey and Its Impact on Holistic Wellness

In the realm of healthcare, where the pressure can be overwhelming, I’ve undergone a personal

transformation that reshaped not just my life but also how I view well-being. My story revolves

around hitting rock bottom after a grueling medical crisis and then finding my way to resilience

and holistic health. Through this journey, I’ve collected valuable insights that now shape how I assist others in conquering burnout and improving their mental health through coaching.

For over a decade, I have worked as a family physician, fully committed to my patients and my

profession. But the long hours, emotional demands, and constant pursuit of excellence had led

me to neglect my own well-being. I believed I could keep going, giving my all without considering my own needs. However, life had other plans and reminded me that even

healthcare providers have their limits.

My journey into burnout started when I had my second child. I was already stretched thin, trying

to balance a demanding career with motherhood. Then, out of nowhere, a medical crisis

blindsided me, and everything came crashing down. Suddenly, I wasn’t the one in control; I was

the patient facing my own health challenges.

This crisis became a wake-up call. I realized that I had been ignoring my well-being for far too

long, and it had taken a heavy toll on my health. I was physically and emotionally drained, and I

had reached my breaking point. But in that vulnerable moment, I discovered the strength to

embark on a healing journey.

My path to recovery was anything but straightforward. It involved seeking help from healthcare

professionals, and therapists, and relying on the support of loved ones. It also meant making

difficult decisions about my career and personal life. However, through it all, I gained insights

that now shape my perspective on wellness and healing.

On my path to healing, I discovered a profound lesson: the incredible potency of self-care. It

became evident that tending to my own needs wasn’t merely beneficial for my personal well-

being, but it also enhanced my capacity to assist others, whether in my role as a healthcare

provider or as someone confronting life’s trials.

I initiated my self-care journey by focusing on the fundamentals: ensuring adequate rest,

maintaining a wholesome diet, and incorporating regular exercise into my daily routine.

Additionally, I wholeheartedly embraced mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga to

effectively manage stress and maintain a strong connection with my inner self. It’s truly

remarkable how these straightforward acts of self-care yielded substantial improvements in my

mental well-being and resilience.

As my journey of recovery progressed, I also grasped the importance of holistic well-being. This

philosophy entails achieving equilibrium across all facets of life, including the physical,

emotional, and mental dimensions. I came to realize that mental fitness is just as pivotal as

physical health, and finding harmony across these realms is indispensable for our overall well-


In March 2021, I founded Holistic Wellness Strategies, where I assist people in overcoming

burnout and nurturing their mental wellness. Drawing from my own journey, I developed

coaching methods that incorporate self-care, mindfulness, and holistic wellness practices.

Through my coaching, I've had the privilege of working with high-achieving professionals,

including fellow healthcare providers, who were grappling with burnout. Witnessing their

transformations as they embraced self-care and holistic wellness has been incredibly rewarding.

Clients have found new energy, balanced work, and personal life better, and strengthened their

ability to handle life’s challenges. They’ve realized that self-care is essential for success and happiness, not a sign of weakness.

My personal voyage from burnout to resilience has been profoundly transformative, not only for

myself but also in how I empower others through coaching. The insights I gathered during my

healing journey significantly shaped my approach to holistic wellness.

In a healthcare environment where burnout looms as a pressing issue, my dedication lies in

aiding individuals, particularly those immersed in high-stress professions, to prioritize self-care

and nurture their mental well-being. My own story stands as a testament that healing and

resilience are within reach, even when confronted with burnout. By embracing a comprehensive

perspective on health and giving self-care the central place it deserves, we can all find our way

back from burnout and set forth on a journey toward lasting well-being.

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