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Giuseppe Tavella


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Giuseppe Tavella.


About Our Guest:

Giuseppe Tavella is an emerging leader in emotional wellbeing. He is best known for his pioneer work with dissociation, a little-known condition that has baffled the best minds for decades. An emotionally challenging childhood allowed him to develop unique gifts, he is renowned for his unique ability to explain and solve the often unexplainable mysteries and complexities of one's mind and emotional world. With hundreds of proven success stories and in-depth documentaries, his 10 years crafting

cutting-edge solutions, he is the go-to expert for permanent relief from emotional issues including anxiety and dissociation. His students feel a new quality of life, inner peace, and empowerment.

Key Take Aways:

You will understand exactly why you feel the way you feel (dissociated, anxious, stressed out) and what to do about it. A quick win is having crystal-clarity on what to focus on in your healing for permanent results.




Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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