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Global Diversity Awareness Month: Appreciating Diversity Worth Working For

October is a month full of events, and one of them is the Global Diversity Awareness Month. It started in 2004 and is used to commemorate multicultural traditions within the workplace.

Almost always, the workplace becomes a melting pot of various backgrounds, ethnicities, traditions, and beliefs. To instill a healthier working environment, it is best to celebrate each other, especially during Global Diversity Awareness Month. The values highlighted during this celebration stem way back after the end of World War II, when the United Nations General Assembly implemented the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration intensifies global expression of rights to everyone regardless of identity, acknowledging that every human being should be given the right to exercise his or her rights inequality with others. It is meant to give importance to every individual regardless of gender, religion, race, caste, ethnicity, sexuality, and language. Acceptance of cultural diversity eradicates the tendency to homogenize, furthermore discouraging monoculturalism. There should be a deep respect for one’s individuality, and this respect will foster a more productive workplace and employees.

Why is diversity important? Because it helps us become resilient and tolerant towards others, just as they are towards ourselves. A diverse and inclusive workplace prepares us to work in a global society where respect and acceptance can help people interact freely and safely. Our horizons are expanded as we try to see things from multiple perspectives. It leads us to become better team players, even on a global scale. It enhances our social reach and allows us to attract a diverse talent pool globally. And most importantly, it enhances our self-awareness to a higher level – we acknowledge that everyone has a story to tell and that we might need a nugget or two to learn from that story.

How can we celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month in our workplaces? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Encourage your employees or your team to connect with another team. The pandemic has made most companies resolve to remote work; thus, it may be a great opportunity to interact with these people on the other side of the globe.

  1. Encourage your employees to learn about various cultures and showcase theirs.

    • You can set up a potluck since food always brings people together. Encourage them to create their most authentic recipes and share stories behind those recipes.

    • A movie night wouldn’t be a bad idea! It would be nice to watch a multicultural film and have the employees share their thoughts afterward.

    • Hire an expert to talk about different cultures. It would be nice to have your information straight from a professional, so you can start learning effectively how to be a better colleague to your workmate the next day.

  1. Be socially aware. Do not keep a blind eye towards current events, no matter how disheartening they may be. Knowing current events might be necessary to help you raise more awareness against injustices all around you. You can bank on these to help you emphasize further the need for equal rights for every worker, irrespective of background and nationality.

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