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International Yoga Day in 2021 - Sharing the Benefits of Yoga with Family

A year into the pandemic, we are still faced with the fear of possibly infecting ourselves or our loved ones. Because of this, many of us have lost track of what it is to take care of ourselves. Many have succumbed to mental illnesses and depression, and many have painstakingly overcome the mental health obstacles brought about by this pandemic.

With gyms and sports venues closed to lessen viral transmission, the challenge has extended way beyond one’s mental health but also towards physical health and wellbeing. Anxiety and depressive disorders soared, while it is evident enough that COVID-19 brings about all kinds of bodily issues related to a sedentary lifestyle.

So how does yoga step into the picture?

Yoga, a technique comprised of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines in India, is the perfect activity to address both mental health issues and sedentary lifestyle issues. Moreover, yoga in these present times is something that the entire family can enjoy doing inside the comfort of their homes. This is exactly the drive for the International Yoga Day on June 21st – promoting yoga inside one’s home. Bearing the theme, “Yoga for Health - Yoga at Home”, it is a great alternative for outdoor play, with the same health benefits. Although schools and summer break activities are put on hold, yoga can help kids increasingly physically inactive.

How can yoga help? Here are some of the benefits of yoga:

  • Yoga develops one’s strength, balance, and flexibility.

Undoubtedly, yoga helps improve posture and flexibility. Strength is built through holding poses, while slow rhythmic movements and deep breathing enhance blood flow delivery – or oxygen delivery – to all parts of the body.

  • Yoga eases back pain.

Basic stretching is instrumental in improving mobility and easing pain. It is no doubt that the American College of Physicians highly recommends yoga to be the first-line treatment for low-back pain.

  • Yoga can decrease arthritis symptoms.

A review of multiple studies has established yoga’s role in easing the discomfort of tender and swollen joints.

  • Yoga has been very helpful in promoting heart health.

Yoga promotes relaxation and hence reduces the amount of stress and body inflammation. Hypertension and obesity can also be addressed through yoga. Lesser risk factors meaning more secondary heart problems!

  • Yoga induces relaxation and consequently a better and productive sleep.

Yoga helps an individual achieve a consistent routine to help the person fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Yoga can revitalize you, resulting in more energy and a better mood.

Yoga’s effect on relaxation is key to having a better mood. Increased physical and mental energy is the product of having enough sleep also.

  • Yoga helps you cope with stressors.

Stressors are everywhere! Stress management clinics have partnered with yoga after noting its effects on mental health, stress management, mindfulness, weight loss, healthy eating, and quality sleep.

  • Yoga connects you with a community having the same goals and aspirations.

The nice thing with yoga – you are not alone. Chances are, many people suffer from the food restrictions they potentially have. Yoga classes would have been the best avenue for suffering the effect of a pandemic, the resolve for the loneliness and negativity all around. And though classes deal with a group of people, yoga acknowledges people as unique individuals.

  • Yoga promotes self-care.

Yoga is in itself, an act of caring for yourself!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather the family around and plan your yoga sessions for the week!

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