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Let Us Talk: Grief Can Impact Your Performance At Work & Home With Jinnie Lee Schmid

Updated: Apr 14

Let Us Talk: Grief Can Impact Your Performance At Work & Home With Jinnie Lee Schmid

By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this season, we're privileged to have Jinnie Lee Schmid, a Grief & Growth Coach for women leaders who refuse to be held back by their losses. We all know that grief can silently infiltrate our professional and personal lives, affecting our performance, emotional well-being, physical health, mental state, and relationships. With her expertise, Jinnie offers a groundbreaking solution that delivers three remarkable benefits: immediate relief, long-term healing, and a lifetime mastery of a tool that can be wielded time and time again to remain resilient in the face of relentless change and loss.

Through compelling interviews, we'll delve into Jinnie's insights and expertise, shedding light on the ineffective ways we often manage our grief in the short term—strategies like living with it, distracting ourselves, or soothing our pain. You'll discover that these approaches may offer temporary solace but do not address the core issue. Jinnie Lee Schmid will reveal that there is indeed an effective way to heal your grief, one that is not as intimidating or painful as you might fear.

Key Take Aways:

To recognize that the things we do in the short term to "manage" our grief (live with it, distract ourselves, soothe ourselves) will not be effective to actually solve the problem in the long term...but that there IS an effective way to actually heal your grief...and it's not as scary or painful as you fear :-)




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