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Mindset is Key to Performance: What It Is and Why You Need it?

What is a mindset? Mindset, or mental set, is the way in which one thinks about and approaches tasks. It can be thought of as an internal dialogue that assesses ones ability and competencies at any given time. A person with a positive mindset will feel capable of achieving their goals while someone with a fixed mindset may underestimate themselves. What does this have to do with performance? Research has shown that people who perform well on various tasks have higher levels of self-esteem than those who don't perform well. And it's not just adults; research has also found that childrens' grades are positively correlated to their level of perceived competence!

In psychology, we talk about a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. A growth mindset is freedom. It preserves in the face of failures . A growth mindset is resilient and it embraces challenges, and desires to learn. It is able to accept criticism , learn from them, and make necessary changes to do better.

The opposite is a fixed mindset. This type of mindset has limiting beliefs. This type of mindset avoids challenges or change. It gives up easily, and is insecure. These types of individuals are threatened by other peoples successes, constantly comparing themselves to others. People with fixed mindsets are slow to grow because they believe things are not worth bothering. They are easily defensive and ignore feedback. Interestingly, they desire to look smart, but often making the mistake of not asking for help when they need help.

In work relationships, you want team players who have a growth mindset. They are able to adapt quickly to changes; they hold themselves accountable for their actions and they are often highly productive. Those with a growth mindset are high performers and often climb the cooperate ladder fairly quickly.

On the other hand, those with a limited mindset, often play the victim. They feel that they have limited control over their environment , and, as a result they don't take ownership of their behaviours. Left unchecked, individuals with a limited mindset can really destroy the moral and work ethic of a normally , well functioning team.

As a manager, or owner of a business, one has to be very aware of the business culture. In the hiring process, future employees must fit the culture of the office, which, ideally should be a growth mindset. Then, the individual should be able to demonstrate , very easily, and naturally, their natural leadership and team building skills.

I encourage you to do regular, self assessments of your mindset. If one isn't aware, its easy to let negativity enter ones life, and change your mindset from a healthy one, to one that isn't . This is one of the reasons its very important to be mindful of the company you keep.

Mindset can also affect your personal life. The company you keep is a phrase that means the people one chooses to associate with. It can be very easy for someone who has an unhealthy mindset, or negative outlook on life in general ,to influence others and bring them down . This isn't just about negativity from other individuals but also self-negativity as well which may stem form past experiences of failure etc. A person's ability (or inability) to change their own thoughts will make it easier(less difficult), when trying to effect positive changes within themselves - this includes changing habits such like eating healthier food choices instead of junk foods; exercising more often ; spending time doing things they enjoy rather than what feels obligatory because its expected by society at large ie: going out every night.

To be a high performer , you need to develop positive habits, to help elevate you. Daily , you must take inventory of your actions, your thoughts and have clear, actionable, measurable goals for every day. You must cultivate the growth mindset, cultivating it, pruning away any habits that are detrimental to growth.

If you need help in developing a growth mindset, please feel free to book a free consultation with me.

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