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Money Mindset: Navigating Parenthood and Finances for a Thriving Future With Sarah Roller


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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Welcome to this insightful episode of our podcast! Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Sarah, a passionate financial coach who specializes in empowering young women and supporting new parents on their financial journeys. In this episode, we will delve into the fascinating topic of how money perspectives shift when one becomes a parent.

Stay tuned as we uncover Sarah's expertise and gain valuable insights into the financial aspects of parenting. Let's get started!


About Our Guest:

Sarah Roller is a Financial Coach, focused on helping clients with the

transition to parenthood. Sarah started her business with a focus on working with young women. She think there is a particular lack of financial confidence in this group. She enjoy helping women unpack the unhelpful narratives they may have received from society or the people around them.

As her business flourished, Sarah expanded her services to cater to another target group—new parents. This life stage often entails substantial expenses related to welcoming a baby and a significant shift in personal priorities, leading to financial stress. Being a parent herself to two young children, Sarah intimately understands the challenges and sleep deprivation experienced by new parents. She finds fulfillment in bolstering their confidence in money management, all the while aiding them in laying a solid foundation for their family's future.

Key TakeAways:

Permission to still spend on themselves: Remember, you don't have to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the baby's sake. It's essential for parents to prioritize self-care and allocate some budget for personal needs and enjoyment alongside the financial responsibilities of raising a child




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