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Success Comes When We Learn From Failure: How to Handle Setbacks at Work

How often do you find yourself telling people that failure is the best teacher? We all say it at one point or another, but what happens when we are faced with a setback in our own lives, and then we have to apply this? When someone experiences a setback at work - whether it's not making sales, getting overlooked for promotion, or an interpersonal conflict with colleagues- they have two options. Either they become defensive and blame others, which might temporarily but can lead back into self-sabotage if used too much. Neither response is beneficial, so it's more important now than ever to keep your mind open and listen.

It is a universally acknowledged truth that everyone wants to improve, but one has to deal with disappointments. Self-compassion plays an essential role in facilitating this process, and it can be done through reflection! It's not always easy for us, though, because we often associate self-improvement with the determination of being persistent and hardworking - but personal growth starts by acknowledging where you stand first. When people are compassionate towards themselves, they tend to arrive at a more realistic assessment, which leads them on their journey of improving themselves.

So, how do working individuals or organizations apply this information? Most organizations want to increase productivity; therefore, many individuals work long hours each day. They will come home exhausted from all the stress they have been carrying throughout the day, yet try desperately put up a smile when someone greets them as if nothing was wrong or bothering them whatsoever. Again, despite wanting to do our best, we still need to apply self-compassion.

I have learned to re-frame the way I see situations. I no longer see failures as terrible things per se. "Failures" is life's way of giving us direct feedback. If one learns from it, changes, and makes the necessary adjustments, these disappointments are essential tools in our journey of self-development. Having this new perspective gives you the optimism and resiliency required to overcome life's challenges, no matter how big or small they might be. It is essential to understand your humanity and to embrace that. Give yourself the grace to learn through.

Before you know it, you will achieve the promotions you desire, whether in the original organizations you were connected with or through new pathways you forged yourself. Keep on going, for success comes when we learn from failure.

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