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Understanding Trauma & Its Impact On Our Relationship With Money With Nadine Zumot


By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting a remarkable guest, Nadine Zumot, an expert in the field of personal finance and money mindset. Nadine is here to share her invaluable insights on the intricate relationship between our past experiences, our emotions, and our financial decisions.

With a deep understanding of the human psyche and its impact on our relationship with money, Nadine delves into the hidden barriers that prevent us from making sound financial choices, despite our logical understanding of what we should do.


About Our Guest:

Creator of Beyond the Fear podcast and The Money Sanctuary, Nadine Zumot, is a Life Purpose & Money Energetics Coach who empowers her communities to heal their relationship with money so they can embody their life's purpose.

Observing how money can ultimately prevent us from moving forward and creating a bigger impact in our world, Nadine nurtures each journey towards healing money wounds with informed awareness and curiosity, all while fostering freedom, alignment, and purpose.

Through deep acknowledgment of money wounds, we are able to heal and integrate shadow aspects of ourselves, leading to more love, self-discovery, clarity, and compassion. As a byproduct of healing, Money becomes a friend, a confidante, and an ally that strengthens our journey toward courage, authenticity, joy, freedom, and purpose.

Key Takeaways:

Awareness and a new perspective on how winning with money is not based

on restriction, it's based on trauma healing.




Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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