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Unleashing Your Potential Through Purpose, Passion, and Biohacking With Dr. Mike Van Thielen

Updated: Apr 14

Unleashing Your Potential Through Purpose, Passion, and Biohacking With Dr. Mike Van Thielen

By Dr. Tomi Mitchell

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Welcome to an enlightening episode featuring Dr. Mike Van Thielen, a trailblazing Medical Director at ClariGenZ Health, where he pioneers innovative healthcare with a groundbreaking pill reminiscent of Adderall but devoid of harmful effects. As a dedicated physician at Boston Neuro Pain and Psych Centers, Dr. Van Thielen has touched the lives of countless patients grappling with chronic pain and mental health issues.

In this compelling interview, Dr. Van Thielen addresses key questions, such as the difference between chronological age and biological age, the biological stressors related to aging, strategies to reverse biological age, and actionable steps to upgrade the body, mind, and life.

Reflecting on the importance of continual learning and the mind's profound influence on health, Dr. Van Thielen emphasizes the role of mindset in overcoming diseases and achieving optimal health. Join us for a captivating conversation that explores the nexus of science, mindset, and healthcare, providing valuable insights for achieving peak performance and well-being.

Key TakeAways:

Listeners will gain profound insights into innovative healthcare solutions, learn actionable strategies to reverse biological age, and discover the pivotal role of mindset in achieving optimal health




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